Chicago Blackhawks Milk Carton- TVR Edition

blackhawks jersey

The Chicago Blackhawks took the lead early in the contest against the St. Louis Blues last night, and even with the advantage of a player seemed extremely fragile from the start. This player was of course Trevor van Riemsdyk rummaging washers early in the game, and struggling to clear pucks deep in his own end.

The fact that TVR was with Duncan Keith Jersey to hide it appears as a tactical error by Joel Quenneville instead to bury it in the third match as Q is usually and just play it only in optimal situations instead of throwing there when the Hawks needed solid minutes of their defender.

TVR first penalty ended in the back of the net when the St. Louis Blues scored on their first power play. Frustrations with TVR continued in the third period when he was called for boarding on a game that looked like it could have been eased on the check instead of causing the Hawks to return to the penalty kill when they need to return the offense with the Hawks trailing 3-2.

The good news is that TVR Niklas Hjalmarsson was suspended for one game, which should mean that TVR will be watching the Pressbox for the foreseeable future.

Two Chicago Blackhawks recruits had the air much more confident in their debut with the team. Michal Kempny resembled a Polish defender with a good shot with some very good instincts about when to pinch and when to get back on defense. It seems he has offensive skills who will be called in the future.

The other rookie was Gustav Forsling has been talked about for some time now the coaching staff at Chicago Blackhawks writers and bloggers.

Forsling made in handling his own end to get the puck out of danger a smooth stick. It makes a great bed and had great passages to get the puck out of his own end. Forsling be turned on defense so it’s not like he’s a perfect defender, but he has the look of a player who will be around for a long time a.


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